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Molo Joins the Storable Family of Companies
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Molo Joins the Storable Family of Companies

We’re excited to announce that Molo is joining the Storable family of companies!

Storable is the self-storage industry’s leading technology provider. The acquisition of Molo marks their first step into an adjacent industry.

Marinas share a lot of key similarities to self-storage. Through integrated products and services, both Molo and Storable empower their customers to create five-star experiences. We have each earned reputations for delivering our respective industries with comprehensive, end-to-end business solutions and increasing operational efficiencies for our valued customers.

Storable brings a proven playbook for building innovative products that help operators go beyond simply addressing technology challenges to achieving business results that matter. The marina industry is rapidly evolving to require more sophisticated technology and Storable will leverage the best practices they’ve honed in storage to help Molo accelerate technology innovation for the marina industry.

As part of this acquisition, the Molo team will remain in place to continue leading the marina business unit within Storable.  

Molo co-founders Rocko Stojiljkovic and Lucas Isola, both boaters, founded Molo with the goal to bring powerful and easy-to-use tools to the marina industry. The team has always strived to help marinas and similar businesses capitalize on the most modern SaaS tools to help them improve and grow.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with Storable! We look forward to leveraging the Storable model to build the most powerful suite of products in the recreational marine industry,” says Lucas Isola, co-founder, Molo. “Storable not only supplies a huge portion of the storage industry with software, but they also have a marketplace, a payments product, insurance, and a new IoT, access control product. There are so many natural opportunities to achieve great economies of scale and provide our customers with enhanced capabilities to optimize their businesses. This is just the beginning and great things are to come!”

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